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Robert J. Albair, P.C.
Robert J. Albair Protects your interests above all else. Robert J. Albair, P.C., is a law firm located in St. Louis, Missouri. He represents clients throughout the Greater St. Louis areas in personal injury and legal malpractice matters.
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Protecting Your Interests,
Above all Else.

Robert J. Albair, P.C. protected me from the big guys I had no chance against. It’s great to have someone like Robert in your corner.


Auto accidents are some of the most prevailent accidents in America. Robert Albair is no stranger to getting you the compensation you deserve.
Were you taken advantage of by a lawyer? Are you not happy by the way you were treated? Albair can help.
We understand you work hard, but sometimes accidents happen. Let us take care of you and make sure you're treated right for all the hard work you put in.
Were you wrongfully injured? Robert Albair prides himself in protecting your interests no matter the case.