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Representative Cases

Wiggins v. Mexico Surgical Assoc., et al., medical malpractice/wrongful death suit; $500,000 settlement - 2003

Feinberg, et al. v. R.J. Jaggie Contracting Inc., automobile accident involving dump truck; broken leg, pelvis and lacerations; $262,000 settlement - 2002

C.v. “rural hospital”. $500,000 settlement for death of elderly man following automobile collision and poor emergency room care; St. Louis City - 2002

Raymer v. U.S.A.,, medical malpractice suit against V.A. hospital for mistreatment of broken neck; $1,961,506 verdict - 1985

Bodimer v/ Ryan’s Family Steakhouses, Inc., slip and fall on restaurant parking lot; broken hip; $440,000 verdict St. Louis; won on APPEAL with $605,000 payment including interest - 1998

Hosto-Worthy v. State Farm Fire & Casualty CO., et al., soft tissue auto accident suit - $201,400 verdict St. Louis - 1998

DeWald v. Kourtesis, $40,000 settlement on road rage case - St. Louis County - 2001

Andreessen v. Timko, $200,000 settlement for facial injuries in drunk driving auto accident - St. Louis County - 2000

K. v. “local hospital”, $1.5 million settlement for death of elderly woman from poor nursing care - St. Louis City - 1997

King v. American Family Insurance, $197,000 settlement for insurance coverage dispute involving death of teenage son - 1997

Blumm v. Young, M.D., medical malpractice suit against neurosurgeon for operating on the wrong lumbar disc; $417,000 verdict - St. Louis - 1997

Eads v. Barnes Hospital, $500,000 settlement for flesh eating bacteria infection following hemmroidecty - 1996

Lewis v. “x”, $275,000 settlement for medical malpractice claim involving failure to diagnosis impending heart attack - 1996

Cope v. Koreky, M.D., medical malpractice suit; $75,000 settlement for improper casting of young boy’s fractured arm - St. Louis

Magill v. Hoja, M.D., $125,000 settlement for death of new born - 1993

Skaggs v. Bergmann, $300,000 verdict in St. Louis against neurologist for failed urinary conduit surgeries - 1985

Lakin v. St. Joseph Hospital, $550,000 settlement against orthopedic surgeon in hospital for loss of a leg following severe crush injuries - 1986

Amelung, et al. v. Masonic Home of Missouri, nursing home negligence suit for elderly patient who developed bed sores; $106,500 settlement - 1988

Fortune v. City of University City, $100,000 sovereign immunity limits, verdict against police department for automobile collision - St. Louis County - 1997

Bick v. Cooper, M.D., medical malpractice suit against surgeon for loss of leg following laser treatment for blood clot; $500,000 settlement - 1992

Scott, et al. v. Midwest Petroleum, et al., wrongful death suit; $650,000 settlement for fire death of 70 year old woman - 1994

Helton v. Care Unit, et al., wrongful death suit against psychiatrist for suicide of depressed senior citizen; $325,000 settlement - 1994

Davis v. Ferguson, M.D., $200,000 settlement for young man who developed meningitis following removal of brain shunt - Greene County - 1996

Thompson v. Fru-Con, $300,000 settlement for iron worker who received injuries in manufacturing plant when a piece of concrete fell from the ceiling - 1996

Farmbach v. St. John’s Mercy Hospital, $100,000 verdict against hospital for allowing post operative senior citizen to stand next to his bed without assistance; fractured ankle; St. Charles County - 1993

Sachs. V. National Laundry, $276,000 verdict for a woman injured in automobile collision when hit by laundry truck; St. Louis - 1991

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